Empowering Families Beyond War
Unleashing Resilience In unconvential ways

Our program is an evidence-based, family-focused approach founded on the principles of positive psychology’s PERMA+ model. Using psychoeducational modules and nature-based activities, participants are empowered to cultivate their strengths, resilience, positive emotions, relationships and a sense of purpose in order to overcome the devastating effects of war.

About Us

Helping War-Impacted Children and Families Heal.

Mountain Seed Foundation (MSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides healing to children and families from war-torn countries. We accomplish this through a variety of experiential programs to include: mountain-based healing programs, art, and outdoor therapy.

How Mountain Seed Helps

Where Your Donation Goes

Mountain Seed supports Ukrainian families through our experiential resiliency programs, humanitarian relief, support for families of fallen soldiers, and our long-term therapeutic and leadership programs.

Mountain Seed Foundation Memorial Fund

Mountain Seed Foundation

Resilience Programs

  • Mountain Healing Expeditions – Healing Base Camp 2022 
  • Art Healing Classes – Inside Ukraine & surrounding countries
Longitudinal SupportLong-term Support

Longitudinal Support/Long-term Support

  • Local Therapy Resources/Ongoing Counseling 
  • Virtual Language Lessons
  • Leadership / Professional Training
Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Relief

  • Long-term lodging 
  • Evacuation support
  • Targeted Humanitarian Aid
Ukraine Base Camp

Supporting Families of the Fallen

  • This program honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by supporting their families – – an approach for surviving family members that strengthens their family system
  • Connecting families of the fallen
  • Wellness services and referrals

You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

Programs and Events

Our Programs and Events

Mountain Seed partners with local organizations to raise money for our Long Term Outdoor Healing Programs and Refugee Housing.

Healing Base Camp 2023

At Healing Base Camp Ukrainian participants will learn to build resilience and overcome life’s challenges through a combination of mountaineering and therapy. Our unique program offers guided mountaineering expeditions that challenge participants both physically and mentally, while our experienced therapists provide personalized one-on-one sessions to help them develop healthy coping strategies. Join us in empowering Ukrainian individuals to reach new heights and achieve their full potential.

Journey for Hope Participants!!

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"With faith the size of a mustard seed, one can move mountains.”

Sponsors and Partners

Mountain Seed Foundation has established a network of supporting organizations in the region that allow us all to share resources, logistics, intelligence and expertise.

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Thank you for your consideration of a donation to Mountain Seed Foundation and most of all for your thoughts, warm wishes, and prayers for the innocent children caught in this war.

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A Story

The story behind: Camp Courage

Milana and Olga’s connection with Mountain Seed began in the early days of the invasion when they participated in our art healing programs designed for refugees.

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Healing Base Camp: Planting Seeds Of Hope To Restore What War Has Stolen
As the fight inside Ukraine continues, many families continue to endure the physical and psychological burdens of war. The cost of this war will be realized for generations to come, but WE CAN HELP.