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Each mother and child achieved mental and physical summits that they will carry with them forever. They overcame fears, found peace within themselves, and established a community that will reach far beyond their time in the mountains.

The Hero Within

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At Healing Base Camp, we are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment, where participants can explore their inner resilience and discover a transformative path towards healing. It is a place where hope blossoms like sunflowers, and where the human spirit triumphs against all odds.

Mountain Seed Director of Marketing Bryn Beary Featured in Alexandria Stylebook

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Mountain Seed Foundation was established in 2021 with an aim to help children and their families caught in the war zones of Europe, particularly in Ukraine. Veteran-led, they understand the traumas youth will endure as a result of war and associated struggles. Mountain-based camps provide an atmosphere carefully designed to heal through art, therapy, skill-building, and mentoring from a team of professionals who volunteer their time.

Unlocking Hope, One family At A Time

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Healing Base Camp: Planting Seeds Of Hope To Restore What War Has Stolen
As the fight inside Ukraine continues, many families continue to endure the physical and psychological burdens of war. The cost of this war will be realized for generations to come, but WE CAN HELP.