Handmade Knife from the Donetsk region in Ukraine

Ukrainian business owner loses his home twice along with his business, but found the strength to rebuild. 36-year-old Oleksii Rovdo makes exclusive knives inlaid with stones. Each of his products is unique and made of precious materials.

Escape from Makiivka: Such an unusual hobby appeared in the man in his youth. He planned to turn it into a profitable business, but the war prevented it. In 2014, his native Makiivka was occupied by the Russians. Then, along with his wife and small child, Oleksiy was forced to move to Kyiv. But nostalgia for his native Donetsk region did not give him peace, and the family returned to Kramatorsk. There, Oleksiy bought a new house and eventually opened such a dream workshop. Even jewelers joined the production of his knives and blades

Rescue from Kramatorsk:

When Kramatorsk was bombed in the spring, the gunsmith closed his workshop and helped soldiers. It was very cold, but he still brought the soldiers warm clothes and cooked food. There was only fear for two small children, who would have nowhere to hide. So, together with his friends, Oleksiy’s family moved to Western Ukraine. The first month, says the man, they lived as if in the fairy tale The Glove.

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Heilendes Basislager: Die Saat der Hoffnung pflanzen, um wiederherzustellen, was der Krieg gestohlen hat
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