Mountain Seed Foundation Announces New Art Healing Program for 2023

Mountain Seed Foundaiton Art Healing Program

We are excited to share the launch of our first Art Healing Program of 2023. These programs promote adaptability, confidence, and skill-building to help cope with stress, anger, fear, and uncertainty.

This launch is particularly special because it is led by our very own beneficiaries and Healing Base Camp participants: Olga & Yulia! Last week, Olga & Yulia began a new chapter of their lives and started implementing our Art Healing Programs for Ukrainian refugees within a community in Lithuania – home to over 70,000 refugees. Many refugees fled to small towns across Europe where supportive services are limited, making this program uniquely positioned to serve those children and families who have been displaced for almost a year.

Olga & Yulia share similar experiences and expertise in psychology and education – making them the perfect team to offer psychological sessions with an art healing approach. The sessions run twice a week for psychological rehabilitation and twice a week for art healing, hosting children ranging from 5-15 years of age.

In the photos you can see they are using a variety of techniques: relaxation of facial muscles with the help of articulatory gymnastics, as well as reducing anxiety through plasticine painting.

Olga & Yulia’s story began with heartache, tragedy, and survival, but what defines them is how they move forward. They have now shifted from being recipients of our healing programs to healers themselves, and their involvement helps Mountain Seed expand the reach of our programs to support more Ukrainians in need.

As Olga said from her time at Healing Base Camp — “Here I have grown to be more decisive; to make something big starts with the first step.”

As we approach the one-year mark of this war, we are reminded that BECAUSE OF YOU…. Mountain Seed is reaching more children and families who have endured displacement, trauma, and devastation. The moments you have given to them will change the course of their lives — just as it did for Olga & Yulia.

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