Mountain Seed Foundation was featured recently in Yale Medicine

Mountain Seed Foundation Yale School of Medicine

“It only takes one candle to light a room.

In a small village in the Austrian Alps, surrounded by mothers, a grandmother, and children displaced from war-torn Ukraine, Amit Oren, PhD, was that candle.

Oren, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, traveled to Piesendorf, Austria in late July to create and implement a wellness retreat for Ukrainian families. The gathering was coordinated by Mountain Seed Foundation, a Virginia-based organization founded by an American veteran which works to heal children and families from war-torn countries like Ukraine.

The foundation’s organizers believe in the healing power of nature, and the 17 children in Oren’s retreat were challenged to a week of high-altitude mountain climbing on some of the world’s most beautiful peaks.”

Full Article: Yale School of Medicine

We are grateful for the spotlight on our efforts to promote healing and wellness for the children and families impacted from the war-zone in Ukraine.

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