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Mountain Stream

In coordination with Vector of Hope, Mountain Seed Foundation has raised enough to fill one hotel, providing over 15 families food and shelter for at least one month. In uncertain and chaotic times, this peace of mind is priceless, especially with the greater worries they must face for their country and families.This is a photo taken near the hotel. For the safety of the families, we do not want to broadcast their location, but please know how grateful everyone involved is for the outpouring of support from total strangers! This is the power of community.

Please continue to share and pass on our thanks. The needs are growing and we’d love to secure more locations for additional families, as well as provide assistance once they can return to their homes. All eyes are on Ukraine now but rest assured, Mountain Seed Foundation will continue work in Ukraine long after the headlines. Ukrainians are fighting on the frontlines of Europe and their futures have changed forever. These families were awoken days ago to the sounds of explosions, and thanks to you, they can now wake to the river and peace. At least for a little while. Glory to Ukraine, and Glory to the Heros. A special thanks to Nadia Price and Kelly Brink and the Girl Scouts of Vienna in Austria who are organizing letters and drawings of support for the kids as well as stuffed animals!

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