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Mountain Seed Foundation

Our Programs

Mountain Seed partners with local organizations to raise money for our Long Term Outdoor Healing Programs and Refugee Housing.

Mountain Seed Foundation Memorial Fund

The Mountain Seed Foundation Memorial Fund was established in honor of Mykola Zabavchuk by the family of Dr. Nataliya Uboha and her husband Dr. Douglas. Mykola Zabavchuk, a brave Ukrainian soldier, tragically lost his life during the war against Russia at the age of 25.

Healing Base Camp 2023

At Healing Base Camp Ukrainian participants will learn to build resilience and overcome life’s challenges through a combination of mountaineering and therapy. Our unique program offers guided mountaineering expeditions that challenge participants both physically and mentally, while our experienced therapists provide personalized one-on-one sessions to help them develop healthy coping strategies. Join us in empowering Ukrainian individuals to reach new heights and achieve their full potential.


Art Healing Program of 2023

  • We are excited to share the launch of our first Art Healing Program of 2023. These programs promote adaptability, confidence, and skill-building to help cope with stress, anger, fear, and uncertainty.

Unlocking Hope, One family At A Time

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Healing Base Camp: Planting Seeds Of Hope To Restore What War Has Stolen
As the fight inside Ukraine continues, many families continue to endure the physical and psychological burdens of war. The cost of this war will be realized for generations to come, but WE CAN HELP.