Reflections from Ukraine

As I sit on a plane, departing from my recent trip to Ukraine, I am filled with so much hope but also so much urgency.  Hope because I met with the families we have supported from Cherkassy and Mykolaiv and I felt their hope, their optimism despite the continuing fight, despite the continued sense of loss of their loved ones, spouses/fathers of the children who have died defending Ukraine.  The families have shared how their lives have changed since the Healing Base Camps, how, despite their loss, they have been able to recover a sense of self, a sense of purpose in their lives, how they have chosen to climb the next mountain despite the pain.  They are the light in a window, Viktor Frankl’s famous analogy from Man’s Search for Meaning, for us all and particularly for me. 

I also left with an absolute sense of urgency.  As our world and politics has been filled with a dangerous sense of cynicism, a sense of an inability to change conditions for the better, the people of Ukraine continue to fight for their lives, for their country, for a return to peace.  They need our help now more than ever.  And we can all do more, we can all choose to do something to help those in need and to help these families heal.  What I mean is we can support the Ukrainian people with prayers, with moral support through social media, and with supporting actions Congress and respective governments around the world take to help.  While we must continue to hope and seek peace, hope, unfortunately, cannot be the main course of action.  We must choose to help, and we can all find a way to help.

I am excited that the Foundation, our team and wonderful supporters and volunteers, will be working to support injured Ukrainian Veterans and their families this year through our Healing Base Camps even as we look to expand our work inside Ukraine.  As the number of those impacted by Mental Health challenges grows in number in Ukraine, we must expand our programs to reach out to more of these families, to help heal even as the guns of war continue to break the silence of the night.  We must be the “light in the window.” 

Thank you to all those who have donated to the Foundation.  You are also the “light in the window.”  You continue to ensure the light stays on despite the fatigue of war.  You continue to ensure the light never goes out.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

“With faith the size of a mustard seed,” we will continue to move mountains together, to climb to heal. 

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As the fight inside Ukraine continues, many families continue to endure the physical and psychological burdens of war. The cost of this war will be realized for generations to come, but WE CAN HELP.