Support Ukrainian Artist from the besieged city of Mariupol — Olena Ukraintseva

“ Launches-Hits” From a 5 painting series called “Dreams in a city”

During her time in her home, the besieged Mariupol, Olena felt that she was going through the most acute and dangerous moments of her life. That is why she had the idea to write down her thoughts, ideas, sometimes sketches, because it was not possible to paint pictures then.

Her series “Dreams In A City” would usually be painted with oil paints, but these works are made with acrylic, because for her acrylic is a dead material that has no life. “When we were in the city, I had exactly the feeling that I was somewhere in some flat world. Because everything around has lost its color, as if in some other reality,” the artist explains.

Like many others, as I child I had impressive dreams I always remembered. I even talked in my sleep. Then this characteristic disappeared. But during the war it came back. Due to safety reasons during shelling (it never stopped) and to stay warm, we were all sleeping in the same room. In the morning, my son told me what I was talking about in my sleep: about events which appeared ordinary and mundane during the day, but turned out to have touched my soul deeply. This is how these works came to be.

Each panel is 23×23 inches

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