The Hero Within

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At Healing Base Camp, we are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment, where participants can explore their inner resilience and discover a transformative path towards healing. It is a place where hope blossoms like sunflowers, and where the human spirit triumphs against all odds.

Join us this Sunday as we extend a warm welcome to the courageous mothers and children of Gold Star families, as they embark on a life-changing journey at the first of two Healing Base Camps this summer.

These families have endured the unimaginable, and with each passing day in Ukraine, the number of children losing a parent rises. During this challenging time, we kindly ask that you keep these brave families in your thoughts, as they conquer personal and physical summits.

Our program philosophy is rooted in the profound principles of Positive Psychology, embracing the strengths and resilience within each participant. Rather than focusing on weaknesses and symptoms, we provide those grieving the loss of a parent a safe space to flourish and thrive. With the right skills and unwavering support, we illuminate a positive path forward.

Founded on the principles of PERMA+, our unique group program harnesses the power of positive psychology and cognitive behavioral tools to nurture hope, trust, purpose, and meaning. We foster positive emotions, meaningful relationships, engagement, and a sense of accomplishment.

This structured group program is inspired by Dr. Martin Seligman’s theory of well-being, PERMA+ — an acronym for the components essential to creating a life worth living.  Positive Emotions – Engagement – Relationships – Meaning & Purpose – Accomplishment

Stay tuned next week as Ukraine Gold Star Families embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the hero within themselves!

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