Директор з маркетингу Mountain Seed Брін Бері (Bryn Beary) з'явилася в Alexandria Stylebook

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“One of the reasons Angela and I started Alexandria Stylebook was to collaborate with other businesses and let the readers know about events happening in Alexandria. It has been a great way for us to help promote charity events (and we all know Alexandria is one of the most philanthropic towns) that benefit our community and beyond. So when an email popped up in my inbox about an event at Lost Boy Cider to raise funds for Ukrainian children, I knew Street Style was the perfect place to showcase this great business and this great cause. 

We thought this was a great way for everyone to meet Bryn Beary, the Director of Fundraising at Mountain Seed Foundation. Not to mention the support of Katya, the owner of She’s Unique, was also involved. So anything Katya supports, we do as well.”

Full Article: Street Style: Bryn Beary

We are grateful for the spotlight on both the Mountain Seed Foundation and the amazing work of our Bryn.

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