Max Lowe captured the snow-covered mountains during his time filming ‘Adventure Not War.’

“This film takes us into the mountains of Iraq revealing a seldom seen, beautiful underbelly in a place scarred with devastation. With this film we take a new approach to war, inviting veterans to rewrite their histories in places where they served and heal wounds deeper than flesh and bone. The intention was to create a film that will help promote peace and a universal understanding that beauty can replace hatred if we strive for adventure, not war.

The film follows U.S. Army veterans returning to Iraq for a ski adventure. “All three climbers went into this trip to open themselves back up to the experiences they had had previously in Iraq, including traumatic experiences and the loss of friends they’d seen die there,” said Max.

“Through this positive experience of traveling back there with friends who’d shared those past traumas, it seemed to help them understand more about the experiences they’d had. For me, it was really eye-opening as well.”

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