Support Ukrainian Artist from the brutalized city of Bucha — Alina Kosenko

“I am Alina Kosenko, an artist from Bucha, I was lucky enough to survive and leave Ukraine after three weeks. With my own eyes I saw and felt the incredible fear and pain of the civilian population, and especially children, in inhumane conditions. Every day I woke up with the thought, what can I do and how can I help my native nation?! And then the idea was born to create a series of works and real stories, with real people and from the sale of all paintings, to give money for treatment and rehabilitation to children in Ukraine.

I saw the war with my own eyes. Deaths, destruction, fires, shell explosions, hunger and cold, suffering and death of children and peaceful good people, genocide. War and death have come to our modern and civilized world, Russia has decided that it has the right to interrogate and kill the innocent and defenseless. Children are left with childhood and no parents… My paintings are about it.

I want them to understand everything, these are not just paints and pictures, these are stories of life, these are memories of places where everything happened… We refugees are fighting here and must maintain a civilized peace.”

31 x 47 inches

Unlocking Hope, One family At A Time

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