UKRAINIAN COGNAC — Tavria — from the embattled city of Kherson

Cognac “Kherson” XO, barrel, 1.5 L

This exclusive barrel of 20 year Ukrainian Cognac comes from the previously occupied territory – Kherson region

Tasting Card


Cognac shows a dark amber color with golden highlights.

Taste Qualities:

The taste of cognac is complex, and multifaceted, with noble tones of aging, oak accents, and soft notes of chocolate. The long and rich aftertaste is filled with light resinous shades.

Aromatic Composition:

Cognac has an elegant aroma with velvety tones of fruit and pronounced floral nuances.

Gastronomic Couple:

It is best to serve cognac as a digestif. As an accompaniment, you can offer coffee, nuts or a cigar.

“Kherson” is a collection cognac from the House of Vintage Wines “Tavria”, which is part of the elite line “Tavria Collection”, named after the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which is the center of the Kherson region – the birthplace of fine cognac. “Kherson” is created from high-quality cognac spirits, aged for at least 15 years, and after blending it additionally matures in oak barrels for at least three years. The production of cognac is carried out according to the old classical tradition with the use of modern technologies that allow you to control the quality of production. Cognac has a complex bouquet and elegant, harmonious taste.

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